DANVILLE — Open enrollment at Danville Local Schools has reached its limit for the 2023-2024 academic year.

The district made the decision a few weeks ago after evaluating how many teachers were available and the stress caseload put on staff.

Approximately 90 open-enrolled students are allowed at Danville Local Schools, with 17 students being denied.

It’s not a decision Danville Supt. Jason Snively said he likes to make.

The district is also looking for a speech therapist.

Third-grade classrooms have also become exceptionally large, with 56 students enrolled for the next school year with only two third-grade teachers available, thus making 28-student classrooms.

For kindergarten through second grade, there are three teachers. The large classroom sizes have become overwhelming for those teachers, Snively said.

“It is not an easy conversation,” Snively said. “It is hard to tell someone that wants to be here that we do not have the resources or programming to support them.”

Approximately 81 percent of the district’s budget goes toward staffing which includes salary and benefits.

This is a district-wide policy, Snively said, with class sizes being less of an issue at the high school, due to many students attending Knox County Career Center.

For the district to accept open-enrolled students, an application must be sent to the superintendent’s office on or between the third Tuesday of April and the first Friday of June, immediately preceding the school year.

A decision must be made by August 1.

The district may refuse to admit a special education student if the services described in the student’s IEP are not available in the school.

Applicants shall be considered on a first-come, first-served basis with an assurance that native (home) students will not be displaced.

Participants in previous projects, such as tuition and non-resident students, will be given preference. Students of district employees are also given preference, Snively said. 

Looking in the future, students can apply each year. If class sizes change, staffing changes or resources change that could affect it one way or another, Snively said.

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