CENTERBURG — Village council members suspended the rule requiring three readings on Tuesday and accepted Kokosing Construction Company’s bid for improvements on South Hartford Avenue and resurfacing Church Street.

Kokosing’s bid of $228,453.05 was the sole bid received and under the engineer’s estimate of $259,000.

South Hartford improvements — which include milling, ADA ramps, and repair and replacement of catch basins — accounts for $192,342.55. Church Street resurfacing comes in at $52,360.50, up from last year’s bid of $38,841.

The completion date for both projects is Oct. 31.

Council adopted a 2023 proposed budget on its third reading. Fiscal Officer Shawna Humes anticipates a General Fund beginning balance on Jan. 1, 2023, of $1.542 million. Estimated revenue is $740,720, and estimated expenses total $1.070 million.

For the village’s special accounts, Humes estimated the following revenue and expenses:

•Streets: $90,120 revenue, $203,000 expenses

•State highway: $7,012 revenue, $11,500 expenses

•Permissive motor vehicle license tax: $4,012 revenue, $7,500 expenses

•Police levy: $102,900 revenue, $147,600 expenses

•Sewer: $850,050 revenue, $1.060 million expenses

Council took the following additional actions:

•Gave a second reading to legislation compensating non-council members on the sidewalk and revitalization committees

•Gave a first reading to legislation authorizing the village to acquire health insurance for full-time village employees

•Amended previously passed legislation to state the term length with IGS Energy for electric (31 months) and gas (36 months) distribution

•Held an executive session to discuss personnel but took no action

•Discussed speeding issues on South Hartford Avenue

Village solicitor Josh Plieninger said residents responded well to the zoning violation letters that were sent. All but one responded.

“I don’t think we’ll have to issue any fines or take things further,” he told council.

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