Letter to the Editor in purple lettering on envelope

Dear Editor,

For those wanting to quit using tobacco there are great resources out there for you to utilize.

I have tried to quit using smokeless tobacco several times and each time I started using again.

I have recently quit again as it’s important for me to never give up. My reason for quitting is of course for health concerns, as I have been hiding my tobacco use from family members.

You may have many reasons for quitting, but make sure you want to quit most of all.

Knox Public Health offers a great way to aid people in quitting along with the Ohio Tobacco Quit Line, your journey can be successful.

I attended the classes and chose to sign up for the Ohio Tobacco Quit Line and was not disappointed with the results.

The Quit Line offers multiple ways to assist in coaching including phone, email, text, and chat. Medicated nicotine patches, gum and lozenges are offered for free.

After signing up, weekly sessions are scheduled at your convenience. The conversations I had weekly were always encouraging and helpful.

Each week’s conversation ended with a helpful tip to aid in my journey. One of the best tips I received was that cravings only last for 10 seconds then fade away.

The support you get from the Quit Line is excellent and I recommend it to anyone wanting to quit tobacco.


Rodney Houck

Centerburg, Ohio