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DANVILLE — These are the police reports from Danville, Brinkhaven and Apple Valley, courtesy of the Danville Police Department and Chief Daniel J. Weckesser.

Sept. 9

 Assisted the Highway Patrol on an auto crash scene – Apple Valley Drive.

 Juvenile smoking violation – in the 10 block of South Market St.

Sept. 10

 Traffic complaint from a motorist who was run off the roadway – Howard – Danville Rd. at Colopy Rd.

 Traffic hazard of steel plates coming loose exposing a hole in the roadway – Danville-Amity Rd at Rodmick St.

Sept. 11

 Grand Jury indictment on Stanley Helms from Brinkhaven for 2nd-degree felonious assault. This was from a domestic violence case on Aug. 22.

 Abandoned animal – Skyline Dr. @ Clipse Rd.

Sept. 13

 Domestic – Oak Alley.

Sept. 14

 Trash (illegal dumping) – in the 400 block of Clubhouse Dr., Apple Valley.

Sept. 16

 Hit-skip auto crash – in the 10 block of South Market St.

 Picked up road debris – in the 3000 block of Apple Valley Dr.

 Suspicious person – in the 15000 block of Cline Rd.

 Business alarm – West Washington St.

 Business alarm – in the South Market St.

Sept. 18

 Well-being check – in the 200 block of Plum St.

 Well-being check – in the 1500 block of Twp. Rd. 11, Brinkhaven.

 911 call. Found to have been done accidentally – in the 10 block of Plum St.

Sept. 19

 Deer/vehicle crash – Millersburg Rd./Mickley Rd.

 Theft – Crestwood Ct., Apple Valley.

 Disturbance – in the 16000 block of Brinkhaven Rd.

 Deer/vehicle crash – in the 1400 block of Apple Valley Dr., Apple Valley.

Sept. 21

Report prepared by Monte L. Vance, Chief of Police (Ret.)

 Prowler – in the 23000 block of Clipse Rd.

 Assisted the Sheriff’s Office in executing a felony arrest warrant – in the 2000 block of Apple Valley Dr.

 Well-being check – in the 600 block of King Beach Dr., Apple Valley.

Sept. 22

 Road debris – Apple Valley Dr./Apple Valley Blvd., Apple Valley.

 Suspicious vehicle w/persons – Apple Valley Dr./Valley Ridge Dr., Apple Valley.

 Complaint of a dirt bike and an ATV 4-wheeler on the roadway – in the 700 block of Winesap Cir., Apple Valley.

 Assisted a citizen – in the 14000 block of Humbert Rd.

 Parking complaint – in the 14000 block of Millersburg Rd.

Sept. 23

 Civil issue – in the 25000 block of Coshocton Rd.

 Four juveniles had escaped from the juvenile facility in the Mohican Forest area. The Knox County Sheriff’s Office was the primary Law Enforcement Agency and Chief Weckesser assisted the Sheriff’s Office in capturing the four juveniles. The K-9 Diesel helped locate and apprehend the escaped juveniles in the 22000 block of Wooster Road. The juveniles admitted they had broken into a home and had been attempting to locate a vehicle to steal. The escaped juveniles were turned over to the Mohican authorities.

Sept. 24

 Stanley Helms age 57 of Brinkhaven was arrested on a felonious assault warrant. The arrest was from a domestic violence case on Aug 22 which resulted in a Grand Jury indictment of Helms for 2nd degree Felonious Assault on Sept. 11.

 Disturbance – in the 200 block of Plum St.