Dec. 2 – A complainant called the KCSO and advised that someone had broken into his barn and stole his quad runner. The complainant requested the incident be documented.

Dec. 3 – An officer observed a male walking across N. Aclands St. with an open container. When the male realized he was being watched by a Deputy he attempted to hide the container under his jacket. The male was identified as a Kenyon College student and was issued a summons for underage consumption.

Dec. 3 – A complainant called the KCSO and spoke to an officer about some damage done to his furnace. He stated he is currently moving out of his duplex and said on 12/03/17 around 9:00 A.M. he discovered someone had damaged the metal door to the furnace. The complainant also discovered broken jars in the basement. He said he spoke to his landlord who said he had not been in the basement recently and to make a report to the Sheriff’s Office to document the incident.

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