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Mount Gilead took first in this year's KMAC Track & Field Championship meet, on both the boys and girls sides. The Indians won the boys meet by a whopping 72 points, and they won the girls meet by 50 points.

KNOX COUNTY – The Knox Morrow Athletic Conference announced its annual awards last week, naming all-conference selections, as well as Player of the Year, Coach of the Year and All-Academic Athlete of the Year in each of the conference’s four spring sports.

Here is who made this year’s list:


Conference champion: Fredericktown and Highland (co-champs)

Player of the Year: Mack Anglin (Highland)

Coach of the Year: Ryan Hathaway (Fredericktown)

All-Academic: Tate Tobin (Highland) and Ryland Thomas (Northmor)

Fredericktown and Highland tied once again for the KMAC crown this spring, as both finished 12-2 in conference play – just as they did last year. East Knox went 11-3 for the second straight year as well, placing third.

Fredericktown won the season series against Highland, defeating the Scots 4-3 and 6-5 back in early April. The Freddies would have won the KMAC outright, had they not lost to Northmor and East Knox. Highland beat the rest of its KMAC opponents to earn a share of the conference crown.

Anglin, a Clemson commit, was magnificent on the mound in his senior season. He registered five wins and led the conference with a 0.54 ERA and 57 strikeouts (according to the most recent available conference stats). Anglin was one of the conference’s top batters as well; he placed second in the league in home runs (4) and RBIs (26).


First team

Wyatt Reeder (Northmor)

Mack Anglin (Highland)

Tate Tobin (Highland)

Nick Cunningham (Fredericktown)

Caleb Sheriff (Fredericktown)

Caleb Gallwitz (East Knox)

Cade Leach (East Knox)

Dylan James (Danville)

Jackson Goulter (Centerburg)

Brendan Christy (Centerburg)

Nico Wade (Cardington)


Second team

Danny Vaught (Cardington)

Dalton Hall (Centerburg)

Nate Friel (East Knox)

Weston Melick (East Knox)

Clem Cunningham (Fredericktown)

Ty Hatfield (Fredericktown)

Clay Matthews (Highland)

Reese Weissenfluh (Highland)

Mitchell Bell (Mount Gilead)

Hunter Mariotti (Northmor)

Chris Bood (Northmor)


Honorable mention

Avery Harper (Cardington)

Bobby Zendarsky (Centerburg)

Ethan Hawk (Danville)

Gage Steinmetz (East Knox)

Brady Williams (Fredericktown)

Jarin Vasquez (Highland)

Riley Conners (Mount Gilead)

Mostyn Evans (Northmor)



Conference champion: Cardington

Player of the Year: Casey Bertke (Cardington)

Coach of the Year: Tod Brininger (Cardington)

All-Academic: Lily Tate (Northmor)

Cardington breezed to its second straight KMAC title this spring, finishing undefeated in conference play. Highland placed second at 11-3, while Danville finished 10-4. The Pirates were nothing short of dominant this spring; they run-ruled seven KMAC foes and swept Danville, which they had shared the conference crown with last year.

Bertke led Cardington at the plate and on the pitching circle this season. She recorded 13 home runs (first in the KMAC), 41 RBIs (second in the KMAC) and had a .635 batting average (second in the KMAC), according to the most recent available conference stats. Bertke also led the conference in pitching wins (15), strikeouts (75) and ERA (1.13).


First team

Kaitlyn Carney (Highland)

Savannah Fitzpatrick (Highland)

Casey Bertke (Cardington)

Kiersen George (Cardington)

Baylee Adams (Cardington)

Kaitlyn Tenzos (Centerburg)

Lily Tate (Northmor)

McKenzie Bump (Mount Gilead)

Kaitlynn Briggs (Danville)

McKinley Alberts (Danville)

Ashlee Montalvo (Fredericktown)

Hallie Rine (East Knox)


Second team

Liz Jensen (Highland)

Haven Farson (Highland)

Dana Bertke (Cardington)

Paige Clinger (Cardington)

Amelia Smith (Centerburg)

Chloe Goulter (Centerburg)

Noa Sesma (Centerburg)

Aly Blunk (Northmor)

Madison Noble (Mount Gilead)

Daleigh Parker (Danville)

Hannah Duncan (Danville)

CeCe Newbold (Danville)

Alyssa Perkins (Fredericktown)

Cami Bailey (East Knox)


Honorable mention

Hailee Edgell (Cardington)

Savannah Dehart (Centerburg)

Aubrey Dawson (Danville)

Abby Bailey (East Knox)

Aria Hoeflich (Fredericktown)

Lucy Smith (Highland)

Morgan Beck (Mount Gilead)

Maddie Hoverland (Northmor)


Girls track & field

Conference champion: Mount Gilead

Runner of the Year: Allison Johnson (Mount Gilead)

Field Athlete of the Year: Kelsey Kennon (Mount Gilead)

Coach of the Year: Brandon Dodrill (Centerburg)

All-Academic: Nichole Groseclose (Fredericktown)

Mount Gilead blew away the competition in this year’s KMAC title meet. The Indians racked up 157 points, while second-place Centerburg mustered just 107. Johnson, a sophomore, won all four events she competed in. She took gold in pole vault, 100-meter hurdles, 400-meter dash and the 800-meter run. Johnson would eventually qualify for state in all four events, taking first in the 800.

Johnson wasn’t the only Indian to shine at the KMAC meet. Jessica Brewer won the 100 and 200-meter dashes. Isabela Schroeter finished first in high jump, while Kennon won discus throw. Emily Hanft placed second in the mile.


First team

Aeryn Walters (Centerburg) 4x800M

Abigail Dickhof (Centerburg) 4x800M

Elise Tucker (Centerburg) 4x800M

Avery Tucker (Centerburg) 4x800M

Allison Johnson (Mount Gilead) 100M Hurdles

Jessica Brewer (Mount Gilead) 100M

Sabrina Kelley (Northmor) 4x200M

Bailey Wiseman (Northmor) 4x200M

Natalie Bloom (Northmor) 4x200M

Frankie Cutrupi (Northmor) 4x200M

MaKenna Hennell (Centerburg) 1600M

Tori Walschott (Centerburg) 4x100M

Chloe Goulter (Centerburg) 4x100M

Savannah Gammell (Centerburg) 4x100M

Lindsey Dore (Centerburg) 4x100M

Allison Johnson (Mount Gilead) 400M

Emily Opfer (East Knox) 300M Hurdles

Allison Johnson (Mount Gilead) 800M

Jessica Brewer (Mount Gilead) 200M

Sarah Thatcher (Centerburg) 3200M

Aeryn Walters (Centerburg) 4x400M

MaKenna Hennell (Centerburg) 4x400M

Abigail Dickhof (Centerburg) 4x400M

Avery Tucker (Centerburg) 4x400M

Allison Johnson (Mount Gilead) Pole Vault

Isabela Schroeter (Mount Gilead) High Jump

Juliana DiTullio (Northmor) Long Jump

Erin Conner (Highland) Shot Put

Kelsey Kennon (Mount Gilead) Discus Throw


Second team

Sadie Sanders (Fredericktown) 4x800M

Nichole Groseclose (Fredericktown) 4x800M

Emma Linhares (Fredericktown) 4x800M

Abby Wilson (Fredericktown) 4x800M

Ashley Van Hoose (East Knox) 100M Hurdles

Alenah Boeshart (Danville) 100M

Olivia Philpot (Mount Gilead) 4x200M

Jadyn Shipman (Mount Gilead) 4x200M

Queen Sanders (Mount Gilead) 4x200M

Isabela Schroeter (Mount Gilead) 4x200M

Emily Hanft (Mount Gilead) 1600M

Makenna Belcher (Highland) 4x100M

Peyton Carpenter (Highland) 4x100M

Whitney Church (Highland) 4x100M

Brylinn Tuggle (Highland) 4x100M

Avery Tucker (Centerburg) 400M

Brooklynn Hess (Danville) 300M Hurdles

Abigail Dickhof (Centerburg) 800M

Peyton Carpenter (Highland) 200M

Natalie VanMeter (Fredericktown) 3200M

Taylor Huggins (East Knox) 4x400M

Alexandria Magers (East Knox) 4x400M

Molly Gebhardt (East Knox) 4x400M

Ashley Van Hoose (East Knox) 4x400M

Celeste Swihart (Fredericktown) Pole Vault

Emily Opfer (East Knox) High Jump

Rachel Wilson (Danville) Long Jump

Halle Moreland (Centerburg) Shot Put

Skylar Edwards (Mount Gilead) Discus Throw


Honorable mention

Camberly Schade (Highland) 4x800M

Jordan Schauer (Highland) 4x800M

Miachele White (Highland) 4x800M

Jade Disbennett (Highland) 4x800M

Makenna Belcher (Highland) 100M Hurdles

Peyton Carpenter (Highland) 100M

Ella Paul (Centerburg) 4x200M

Amaiah Gammell (Centerburg) 4x200M

Tori Walschott (Centerburg) 4x200M

Lindsey Dore (Centerburg) 4x200M

Camberly Schade (Highland) 1600M

Jessica Brewer (Mount Gilead) 4x100M

Olivia Philpot (Mount Gilead) 4x100M

Queen Sanders (Mount Gilead) 4x100M

Isabela Schroeter (Mount Gilead) 4x100M

Alexandria Magers (East Knox) 400M

Rachael Ervin (Northmor) 300M Hurdles

Sadie Sanders (Fredericktown) 800M

Paige Oswalt (Fredericktown) 200M

Olivia Millisor (Mount Gilead) 3200M

Juliana DiTullio (Northmor) 4x400M

Lexi Wenger (Northmor) 4x400M

Rachael Ervin (Northmor) 4x400M

Bailey Snyder (Northmor) 4x400M

Maureen Roddy (Fredericktown) Pole Vault

Olivia Millisor (Mount Gilead) High Jump

Emma Hinkle (Highland) Long Jump

Kelsey Kennon (Mount Gilead) Shot Put

Makayla Brown (Danville) Discus Throw


Boys track & field

Conference champion: Mount Gilead

Runner of the Year: Connor Page (Mount Gilead)

Field Athlete of the Year: Micah Tuggle (Mount Gilead)

Coach of the Year: Jason Ewalt (East Knox)

All-Academic: Chance Campbell (Fredericktown)

Mount Gilead won its second straight KMAC title in emphatic fashion this spring. The Indians scored 179 points in the conference meet, while second-place Northmor finished with 107. Mount Gilead saw first-place finishes in the 4x800-meter relay, 110-meter hurdles, 400-meter dash, 300-meter hurdles, 4x400-meter relay team, shot put, discus throw and seated shot put.

Senior Bradley Landon would go on to win state in seated shot put. The boys 4x400-meter relay team placed second at state, as did Page in the 110-meter hurdles. In total, 14 Mount Gilead athletes (boys and girls) qualified to compete at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium in June.


First team

Liam Dennis (Mount Gilead) 4x800M

Trevor Ball (Mount Gilead) 4x800M

Nathan Weaver (Mount Gilead) 4x800M

Casey White (Mount Gilead) 4x800M

Connor Page (Mount Gilead) 110M Hurdles

Brock Veley (Highland) 100M

Brock Veley (Highland) 4x200M

Ryan Weissenfluh (Highland) 4x200M

Jack Weaver (Highland) 4x200M

Chase Carpenter (Highland) 4x200M

Paden Spencer (Fredericktown) 1600M

Brock Veley (Highland) 4x100M

Chase Carpenter (Highland) 4x100M

Landyn Albanese (Highland) 4x100M

Jack Weaver (Highland) 4x100M

Brandon Stevens (Mount Gilead) 400M

Connor Page (Mount Gilead) 300M Hurdles

Gavin Keen (Northmor) 800M

Jack Weaver (Highland) 200M

Connor Riley (Fredericktown) 3200M

Liam Dennis (Mount Gilead) 4x400M

Nathan Weaver (Mount Gilead) 4x400M

Connor Page (Mount Gilead) 4x400M

Brandon Stevens (Mount Gilead) 4x400M

Tony Martinez (Northmor) Pole Vault

Anthony Gilmore (East Knox) High Jump

Nathan Whitney (East Knox) Long Jump

Micah Tuggle (Mount Gilead) Shot Put

Micah Tuggle (Mount Gilead) Discus Throw

Bradley Landon (Mount Gilead) Seated Shot Put


Second team

Connor Riley (Fredericktown) 4x800M

Dakota Smith (Fredericktown) 4x800M

Thomas Caputo (Fredericktown) 4x800M

Paden Spencer (Fredericktown) 4x800M

Liam Dennis (Mount Gilead) 110M Hurdles

Jack Weaver (Highland) 100M

Aaron Baer (Mount Gilead) 4x200M

Trevor Ball (Mount Gilead) 4x200M

Nathan Weaver (Mount Gilead) 4x200M

Brandon Stevens (Mount Gilead) 4x200M

Dawson Moreland (East Knox) 1600M

Chandler Reisen (Centerburg) 4x100M

Ethan Barton (Centerburg) 4x100M

Gavin Wilson (Centerburg) 4x100M

Lane Johnson (Centerburg) 4x100M

Nathan Weaver (Mount Gilead) 400M

Liam Dennis (Mount Gilead) 300M Hurdles

Nathan Whitney (East Knox) 800M

Brock Veley (Highland) 200M

Mason White (Cardington) 3200M

Drew Zoll (Northmor) 4x400M

Adam Petulla (Northmor) 4x400M

Kooper Keen (Northmor) 4x400M

Alec Moore (Northmor) 4x400M

Steven Tumbleson (Fredericktown) Pole Vault

Blake Miller (Northmor) High Jump

Chase Darr (East Knox) Long Jump

Ben Reigel (Centerburg) Shot Put

Nick McKinney (Mount Gilead) Discus Throw


Honorable mention

Nathan Whitney (East Knox) 4x800M

Dawson Moreland (East Knox) 4x800M

Dillon Moreland (East Knox) 4x800M

Cody Cockrell (East Knox) 4x800M

Landon Remmert (Highland) 110M Hurdles

Connor Page (Mount Gilead) 100M

Drew Zoll (Northmor) 4x200M

Anthony Petulla (Northmor) 4x200M

Garrett Barnhart (Northmor) 4x200M

Adam Petulla (Northmor) 4x200M

Casey White (Mount Gilead) 1600M

Stephen Davis (East Knox) 4x100M

Steven Lybarger (East Knox) 4x100M

Shane Knepp (East Knox) 4x100M

Anthony Gilmore (East Knox) 4x100M

Drew Zoll (Northmor) 400M

Landon Remmert (Highland) 300M Hurdles

Brett Shipman (Mount Gilead) 800M

Drew Zoll (Northmor) 200M

Ethan Supplee (Mount Gilead) 3200M

Nathan Whitney (East Knox) 4x400M

Dawson Moreland (East Knox) 4x400M

Chase Darr (East Knox) 4x400M

Cody Cockrell (East Knox) 4x400M

Kyle White (Mount Gilead) Pole Vault

Chase Darr (East Knox) High Jump

Aaron Baer (Mount Gilead) Long Jump

Caden Holtrey (Highland) Shot Put

Ben Reigel (Centerburg) Discus Throw

The KMAC is entering its third year of competition. Those interested in becoming an official for high school or middle school football, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, baseball or softball can email or text their name to 614-989-5070. There is a partial reimbursement of officiating dues available for people interested in becoming an official if they live in Knox or Morrow County.

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