East Knox High School held its annual commencement ceremony on Saturday, June 27 at Chet Looney Stadium. East Knox Local Schools worked with Knox Public Health to plan its graduation ceremony, making sure it met local and state health guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic. Attendance was limited and those present were encouraged to wear masks. Families were asked to sit six feet apart in the bleachers; graduating seniors sat six feet apart on the field. The graduation was broadcast live on The OH Report's Facebook page for those who could not attend.

The Class of 2020 was honored for its accomplishments in the classroom and in extracurricular activities. According to Principal Alan Keesee, this year's graduating class was the first in school history to hang six athletic banners in the gym during its senior year (the previous record of five stood for 37 years with the Class of 1983) – even with the school year being cut short due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The class had a number of FFA state award recipients, and it led programs like yearbook and band to new heights. Keesee said this year's graduating class had the school's highest graduation rate "for as far back as we could research," and he credited the students for the district's ability to pass two levies in four years.