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Oct. 28


The complainant reported being assaulted by his son. The suspect left the residence before deputies arrived. He was charged with domestic violence and assault and a warrant was issued for his arrest. The complainant sustained some minor injuries from the altercation.


Oct. 29


Deputies were dispatched to the residence where an assault complaint was made on 10/28/19. The suspect for whom a warrant was issued was back at the residence. The suspect, Jared Ray was arrested for domestic violence and assault committed on his father.


The complainant reported someone was at the incident location in Danville to purchase a vehicle and took one to test drive. The suspect left in the vehicle and did not return.


The complainant reported unknown suspect(s) opened approximately six credit cards in the complainant's name without permission. The complainant is working with the credit card companies and banks to clear up the matter but wanted a report to document the incident.