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Make 2022 the year of kicking the inner fat critic’s voice out of your brain body, and soul. That pesky and persistent self-talk that shames and blames you in front or mirrors and behind closed doors. Constant comparing to others – weight, shape, size. Kick those faulty beliefs to the curb once and for all. 

WASHINGTON D.C. — Winter is on our doorstep and while the health focus continues to be on staying safe from COVID-19, we cannot forget that this is also the time of year when the cold air temperature can cause the muscles and ligaments that support the back and spine, along with other parts of your body like shoulders and knees, to contract and tighten.


EDITOR'S NOTE: This story is Part 9 in a 9-part series on Ohio's great American Indian chiefs released by the Ohio Historical Society on Nov. 3, 1967. Richland Source has entered into a collaborative agreement with the Ohio History Connection to share content across our sites.