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Construction work between the east end of Dogwood Terrace and Country Court Nursing Home, back right, involves water line upgrades to Dogwood Terrace, Eastmoor Drive, and Upland Terrace. It also includes site work in preparation for the eastern extension of Dogwood Terrace.

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MOUNT VERNON — The construction project adjacent to Country Court Nursing Home involves replacing and updating water lines on Eastmoor Drive, Upland Terrace, and Dogwood Terrace as well as the line serving Country Court.

Eastmoor, Upland, and Dogwood are part of Colonial Heights subdivision, built in the 1960s.

Each line is a dead-end water line, something the Environmental Protection Agency frowns upon. Dead-end lines have a back flow that, when it meets the incoming flow, creates a pressure that bursts the line. The lines serving these areas have had multiple breaks.

“Dead-end links can have problems keeping the water fresh,” explained Brian Ball, city engineer. “Dead-end lines sometimes experience water hammer.”

Water hammer is a pressure surge or wave caused when fluid is forced to stop or change direction suddenly. It frequently occurs when a valve at the end of a pipeline closes unexpectedly.

“The old Eastmoor Drive water line has broken about 14 times in 20 years, and more recently, three times in a 30-day period. This line was completely replaced,” said Ball. “We previously repaired the old line from Coshocton Avenue leading to Country Court. Now we have a new line and new valves. 

“Now Country Court has water supply from State Route 768 and Coshocton Avenue,” he continued. “If there is a problem on either line, we have close valves to feed water from two different areas. This will improve the reliability to this critical customer. “

In addition to the main water line, Eastmoor Drive has new service lines to each residence and new meters. The meters will be read by radio once a day.

For Upland Terrace and Dogwood Terrace, the city tied into the existing dead-end lines and connected them to the Coshocton Avenue line.

“These sections of water line have not experienced the breaks that the Eastmoor Drive  and Country Court water lines have experienced,” explained Ball.

The project lies within the Coshocton Avenue TIF (Tax Increment Financing) District. In a TIF district, property tax revenue goes into a special fund designated for infrastructure and other improvement projects within that designated area.

The original cost estimate was $850,000. However, bids came in substantially lower, just under $598,000. TIF money will pay 100 percent of the cost.

Dogwood Terrace extension

Developer Henry Underwood is planning to extend Dogwood Terrace to the east. The road will still end in a cul-de-sac and will add 10 more lots to the Colonial Heights subdivision.

Palmer and Son is the contractor. Ball said the last section of water line was inserted yesterday. Testing will begin today.

There will still be construction activity over the next few months, however. Henry Underwood, who owns acreage at the east end of the subdivision, plans to extend development to include 10 lots on Dogwood Terrace. Underwood hired Palmer and Son to do the pipeline work.

“He has been moving dirt and getting prepared to install sanitary and storm systems during the down time on our project,” said Ball. “We have two more city projects, and then Palmer will be moving back and putting a sanitary system in [for Underwood].”

One of the 10 new lots is sold, but it cannot hook into the sewer until Palmer completes the pipelines. Ball anticipates Palmer will return to the site in December.

After expansion, Dogwood Terrace will still end in a cul-de-sac.

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