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Calling on the Committee on Ethics and our representatives:

 I watched Wednesday’s domestic terror attack on Washington DC with outrage, horror, and a resolve that this shall not stand. I am calling on you to put an end to the seditious acts, misinformation, and outright lies that have stoked division in our country to the point that a mob attacks our legislators. I watched members of Congress and the Senate, our Rep. Bob Gibbs among them, object to certification, despite these objections having been soundly dismissed in every court of law, including the Supreme Court. This is nothing short of sedition. This must stop, and it must stop now.

I urge you to immediately petition for the impeachment and removal of Donald J. Trump TODAY. He has stoked this mob; worse yet, as you and your peer legislators and dedicated staff were rushed to safety, the president went on television to express his love for these traitors, to repeat lies about the election, and to encourage them to continue to attack our nation’s capital and the many people who labor in it: congress, staffers, administrators, custodial and maintenance crew were all put in danger today for the sake of a president who has no respect for the people, the rule of law, truth, or our democracy

 Jill Grubb

Gambier, Ohio

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