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My immediate response to his picture on your site brought tears of sorrow for a family I never knew nor even met.

It saddens me greatly that such a young man with so much to live for was taken from our grasp by a shot fired from a group of individuals who stand for nothing but the sheer thrill of killing American soldiers. The picture also reveals one more thing; the character and sense of humor his parents did so well to instill.

For whatever the reasons, right or wrong, for going to war in Afghanistan, Joseph heeded the call and took up the sword to defend those very freedoms we all enjoy but fail every day to appreciate. It sickens me to recognize how disconnected the American people are from our military defending our sovereignty worldwide.

Most United States civilians seem to treat service in combat as though it is some television realty show; and all the while mischaracterizing the military service as someone's desire for war like it is some sort of hobby.

I believe the overt military policy in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria are wrong. I too was fooled into believing the political manipulations of the powers that be; that it was worth sending our best troops to defend our liberty in a land full of lawless people.

Sadly, however, I believe we have let our own military down. While this does not in any way diminish the sacrifice put forth by Army Specialist Joseph P. Collette it only bothers me more that I consented to requiring he be sent. How will this change the future of his family?

Why must the lives of our sons and daughters continue to be put at such high risk knowing full well the consequences of their deaths?

The time is long overdue to withdraw our overt military forces from these three countries before any more of our fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters are laid to rest.

President Trump, I call upon you to bring home our soldiers, sailors and airmen before further catastrophe strikes more American families.

Army Specialist Joseph P. Collette, I stand at attention and salute you sir. Thank you, I love you and will always appreciate what you did for me.

Joe Bialek

Cleveland, Ohio

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