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To the Editor:

I think most of us respond instinctively to bedrock values like decency and compassion, and to admirable qualities like reasonableness and competence. We know them when we see them. We count on them in the people we draw close. We want these values in our own lives, and in the life of our country.

So I was heartened to see that decency, compassion, reason, and competence often took center stage in the recent Democractic National Convention. Again and again, ordinary people appeared on screen -- including lifelong Republicans -- expressing their devotion to basic virtues (private virtues, civic virtues) that President Trump so glaringly lacks.

I will support Joe Biden in 2020 for his caring, forward-looking, and inclusive approach to urgent issues like health care and the pandemic, jobs, climate change, and justice for all. I'll support him because he respects science, public service, and expertise. But I'll also support him because of the bedrock values that undergird his politics. What a contrast with President Trump, whose knee-jerk reflex, to just about everything, is either self-serving or an appeal to fear and anger.

Having failed America in so many ways, Trump is left with a dishonest strategy of painting all of his opponents as dangerous radicals. The Democratic Convention showcased the truth: decency was on display.

Daniel Laskin

Mount Vernon

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