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The article that you picked up for your 3/6 article from Senator Brown's office is very misleading.

When did the $1.9T covid relief bill become the "American Rescue Plan?" It's a marketing scheme if I ever heard one.

How dare Senator Brown and others add the multiemployer pension bailout to a covid bill? What has his investigation turned up as to who/what caused these pensions to become insolvent or nearly insolvent? Mismanagement, perhaps?

Go after the bad guys; don't put it on the backs of the taxpayers.

The article read that Brown has been working on this issue for years. His idea is for me to pay for it! And besides, the federal government has to borrow the $1.9T that includes this bailout, since we don't have the money in the first place.

Let the American people vote on this measure individually, instead of hiding it in the covid bill!

If the federal government ran its business the way I have to run my household, with all the regulations imposed on me, the government would be closed in a minute!

Congress's idea is to borrow the money that will never be repaid instead of raising taxes. They just can't say the word. It's always about re-election.

Get your house in fiscal order, like I have to.

Dan Snouffer

Gambier, Ohio

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