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The effects of the coronavirus are felt locally and nationally.

In Knox County, there are 232 people who tested positive for the coronavirus. Eight are hospitalized, 13 have died.

In the U.S., 5.5 million people are covid19 positive and 172,000 have died. Families with children are in crisis – worried about sending kids to school, anxious about doing on-line teaching, and scrambling for childcare.

It did not have to be like this.

In spring, everyone made sacrifices. Workers were furloughed, businesses shut down, and students stayed home. But these sacrifices were worth it if we could get ahead of covid19 by “flattening the curve.”

It was a time for federal and state agencies to work on strategies such as testing, contact tracing, and supplying masks. This time was squandered by the President. Instead of addressing Covid19 as a public health crisis, he saw it as a public relations crisis.

Every other advanced country had a better response than we had, with less cases and deaths per capita.

Why? Because other leaders listened to public health officials, made decisions based on science, and took responsibility. Was it indifference or ignorance which led to such a weak national response?

The Trump administration did have a national plan back in April but abandoned it because (at that time) the states affected were “blue” states such as New York and New Jersey (Vanity Fair, 7/30/2020). Of course, now CoVid19 is now ravaging red states, so this political strategy was short sighted, not to say immoral.

The Covid19 pandemic was not President Trump’s fault, but I do blame President Trump for his weak and callous response. How many people have died because of poor national leadership by President Trump?

Patricia Keane

Mount Vernon, Ohio

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