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Letter to the editor,

To the MV News owners. You have a business that means something to the people of Mount Vernon and Knox County.

My dad, Hal Clawson, 1947-1985, former reporter, city and managing editor, would be rolling over in his grave. As would others who spent whole career in that building.

I like holding the paper, the smell of the paper. It takes me back to when I was a kid, walking into the editorial office, seeing the stacks of paper, hearing tapping of keys on the typewriters, going into the darkroom with dad to print pictures for his stories.

I’ll miss the newspapers in education, the editorial page including a picture “from our files,” this day in history and the new Scavenger Hunt. I loved the tidbits from the papers 15 to 150 years ago and the “Kidding Around” Page.

In the newspaper world there is a term called “above the fold.” That story is one of most interest to readers, generally local. We do NOT want to read a story about a Newark woman’s wedding gown. Although interesting, not local.

We are a farm community, each high school has a thriving FFA program. The agriculture page is of interest to farmers and others.

Once a month the Radius was published with information about day trip destination sites and restaurants. I save these for our motorcycle trips.

When my dad started at the News, they were not just co-workers, they were a family. Hundreds of people have come and gone and they each left their mark.

You should try to keep the staff that are there. Joshua Morrison & Nick Sabo among others have won several of the Ohio APME Awards given to newspapers, radio and television outlets across the state of Ohio.

Your building has a rich history with architecture, people, photo archives and years of wonderful stories and yes, even a murder. Underneath that ugly cement block I see the beautiful Art Deco entrance and glass block front.

One of the many special editions, the “Looking Glass,” published every February was a reflection on people, places and pertinent stories of the previous year.

Some about the history of businesses/people of the past in this county.

To the people in Knox County. We who are upset about this change can cancel our subscriptions but is that what we should do? If enough cancel then they may decide to pull it all together. Then where are we for a print paper? The building gets sold or left to sit and rot like the old MVHS?

I am willing to give the new owners a chance.

And by the way, always remember, it is MOUNT VERNON, not Mt. Vernon.

Vickie Clawson Adams

Mount Vernon, Ohio

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