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I hope you’re staying safe. It’s a wild time right now, and everyone is uncertain, but one thing for sure is our dogs are right there with us.

If you’re going stir crazy and are looking for things to do with your dog while quarantined at home, the American Kennel Club is here to help.

We have resources, ideas, advice, and fun things to do to help dog owners deal with this crisis. From training to tricks to puppy videos to ease your mind. We are here for you.

Check out our resource page at this link:

We also know that people love to show their dog off, so we created a #WoofFromHome challenge. It is a daily challenge that can be done with you and your canine best friend that can get your featured on AKC’s Instagram for the world to see! Each activity falls under one of the following themes: DIY, Trick, Health or Bond/Love and can be done with things you already have around the house.

Each day is a new challenge and we are already loving the creativity and enthusiasm. You can view some of the highlights here

We’re all in this together and the AKC is here for all things dog. We look forward to hearing from you.

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