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LaRose claims that HR1 will create a major upheaval in voting practices. Not true, unless you’re happy with fraudulent attempts to prevent registered voters from voting. This proposal came in response to the state legislatures all over the country trying to keep people from voting. One of the legislators even said it was to keep Democrats from voting. Precisely. They, the Republicans, do not want a repeat of 2020, where the Democratic candidate clearly won.

Every time voting rights are expanded, Republicans have found ways, not noble ones, to curtail those rights: Poll taxes, lynching, in early days the beating and threatening of minorities, Jim Crow laws, the jailing of African Americans for minor infringements so they’ll lose their voting rights, the moving of dates and polling places, purging, and the spreading of misinformation about the safety of voting by mail.

Nazis studied and followed some of our tactics for reducing citizens’ access to polls and ways we dehumanized people. These they used to threaten, dehumanize, and kill Jews. Do we want to be role models for democracies or for autocrats without souls?

In 2020 we had the fairest elections in history. Do we really want to roll back to the dark ages?

Jill Grubb

Gambier, Ohio

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