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LOUDONVILLE -- The Ashland County Coroner's Office has identified the man who was shot Saturday evening in Loudonville.

Joseph D. Stanley, 29, of Elyria died following an incident that began with a domestic dispute and shooting at Mohican Reservation Campground and ended with a police pursuit from the campground through the village of Loudonville. 

The vehicular chase concluded at the intersection of North Market and Campbell Streets, at which point Stanley exited the vehicle with a handgun, according to a press release from the Loudonville Police Department. 

Shots were fired, but the release does not specify who or how many people fired the shots. A spokesperson from the Ohio Attorney General's Office also declined information regarding who and how many shots were fired.  As the press release also indicates, numerous police agencies were involved in the incident, the spokesperson confirmed. 

Stanley was later pronounced dead by Loudonville EMS. No officers were injured during the incident. 

The Ohio Bureau of Investigations was contacted to conduct the investigation. The Ohio Attorney General Office's press secretary Steve Irwin said it could take weeks or months until the investigation is complete and further details are released. 

The incident began at approximately 6:41 p.m. Saturday, when the Holmes County Sheriff's Office received a 911 call regarding a domestic dispute from a female who was camping at Mohican Reservation Campground. Deputies from Holmes and Knox County were dispatched to the campground, as it is located in both jurisdictions. The Loudonville Police Department was also requested to send an officer and subsequently a Mohican State Park officer.

While en route, officers were informed the male suspect had set fire to a tent, was shooting at people and attempting to leave the scene, possibly with a child. 

According to the press release, the Loudonville and Mohican officers arrived first, just as the suspect was fleeing the scene. The two pursued the suspect on CR 23 and CR 3175 (Wally Road) towards Loudonville, where another LPD officer had set up tire deflation devices. The suspect's vehicle ran over the devices, but continued on two wheels into Loudonville. 

At this point, an Ashland County Sheriff's Office deputy joined the pursuit, and the chase continued into the center of the village and northbound on North Market Street until the suspect's vehicle came to a stop at the intersection of North Market and Campbell Streets.

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