Mansfield Police cruiser

MANSFIELD -- The Richland County Prosecutor has ruled a Mansfield Police officer's use of deadly force was justified in the shooting death of Micduff L. Robinson last autumn.

Richland County Prosecutor Gary Bishop made the decision after an investigation into the incident involving officer Nolan Goodman, who was among the first to arrive at the scene on Nov. 27, 2019.

Goodman confronted Robinson, 40, who had a history of mental illness, the prosecutor said. Robinson picked up a three-foot sword and charged Goodman, who has worked with the Mansfield Police Department for four years.

Nolan Goodman

Nolan Goodman receives his badge from Assistant Chief Keith Porch and Bret Snavely.

"Robinson continued to charge at the officer until the officer reached a porch railing, which prevented him from retreating any further," Bishop said. "When Robinson charged at the officer, with the sword less than 10 feet, the officer fired three shots, striking Robinson in the torso. Robinson died at the scene."

Mansfield Police chief Keith Porch said although it's good to have transparency for the department, the incident still resulted in a devastating tragedy.

"At the end of the day, someone lost their life," Porch said. "It's tragic when police have to take these types of actions."

Goodman will now undergo an administrative review to make sure no department policies or procedures were violated.

The prosecutor said the incident was turned over to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation for an independent probe.

Porch said a community debriefing of the incident is tentatively scheduled for April 16 in the city council chambers. He added the date and location could change if the coronavirus precautions continue to disrupt schedules.

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