Courtyards at Table Rock

Owner Jeff Hackett proposes to build a 59-lot subdivision, Courtyards at Table Rock, on Wilson Road south of Centerburg. The Regional Planning Commission gave preliminary approval to the plat pending submission of remedies to a list of concerns from township, county, fire, and health officials.

MOUNT VERNON — A preliminary plat for a proposed new subdivision south of Centerburg received approval from the Regional Planning Commission on Thursday. Final approval hinges on owner Jeff Hackett submitting satisfactory remedies to a list of concerns.

Courtyards at Table Rock is a 59-lot subdivision proposed for 3005 Wilson Road. Hackett said Phase 1 is 10 lots with an entrance off of Wilson Road near the clubhouse for Table Rock Golf Club. Phase 2 is the remaining 49 lots.

Plans call for private sanitary sewer and water systems. Hackett said a packaging plant on the property currently processes 4,000 gallons a day and has the capacity for 25,000 gallons.

“Our plan is to expand the existing facility,” he said, adding that a Class A operator will do the testing.

Regarding water, Hackett said that DELCO is available, but he already has two wells on the property that are licensed for use. He plans to add additional wells.

Hackett said the original plans called for some condo-style town homes, but they were dropped from the design.

“The density has dropped significantly as a result,” he told the commission.

A plat review meeting on June 9 included representatives from Knox Public Health, Hilliar Township, Knox Soil and Water Conservation District, Central Ohio Joint Fire District, the Knox County engineer, and members of RPC's land use committee. The various agencies noted many concerns that need addressed before Hackett can proceed. Concerns include:

--Approval from the EPA for the water and sewage systems

--Detailed placement of sediment control barriers

--Water flow data and hydrant locations/details for fire

--Details for common areas and planned golf cart/walking paths

--Confirmation that roadway width meets specifications and verification of turning radii

--Resolution of off street/overflow parking concerns


The land --140 acres-- is in Hilliar Township and zoned RC (rural conservation). Most of the lots are about .14 acre; this does not comply with RC zoning. The township does not have zoning for lots of that size.

A PUD (planned urban development) overlay is not an option because the township does not have PUD in its zoning. The township is working on this designation but has not yet adopted it.

“We are headed in the right direction with this, and I believe the developers are sincere in wanting to get these things addressed,” RPC Secretary Darrel Severns said.

Hilliar Township Trustee Jason Rogers noted that although concerns were raised, officials present at the June 9 meeting, including Hilliar Township, agreed with moving the plan forward. The vote to approve the preliminary plat was 13 to 2. The Centerburg representatives to RPC, Mayor Greg Sands and Councilman Greg Myers, cast the dissenting votes.

The commission tabled further action on the Mt. Olive Farms subdivision off of Johnsville Road (Ohio 314). Owners/developers Todd and Sondra Swetland have not yet moved to install a drainage pipe for stormwater runoff nor petitioned the county to maintain the pipe. 

The Swetlands have one year from the date of the preliminary plat approval to build the pipe, post a bond fr construction, or ask for an extension. RPC approved the preliminary plat on Jan. 21, 2021.

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