Camryn Langley

Kenyon College intern Camryn Langley presents the results of her study on the downtown's near west side to Knox County Land Bank board members on May 5, 2023. Also pictured are Lacey Filkins, left, executive director of Experience Mount Vernon, and City Engineer Brian Ball, who is also a land bank board member.

MOUNT VERNON — In 2019, Mount Vernon City Council adopted a downtown plan detailing a long-term vision for the next 10 to 20 years.

The plan is the catalyst for a series of neighborhood assessments the Area Development Foundation coordinated over the past four years: near east side (Roundhouse District), South Vernon, west end, and the north end (North Sandusky Street).

near west side area.JPG

Kenyon College Camryn Langley focused on the area bordered by South Mulberry, West High, and the railroad tracks.

near west side sidewalk quality.JPG

This graphic shows the condition of existing sidewalks. Blue is mediocre, red is poor, green is green space, and yellow is mixed auto use.  

near west side parking lots underutilization.JPG

The red squares in this aerial view show the number of parking lots and underutilized land in the near west side area.