Brian Ball 3-27-23 lime sludge

Mount Vernon City Engineer said heavy rains on March 25 and 26, 2023, necessitated reinforcement measures at 1700 Old Delaware Road, the temporary storage site for lime material removed from the city's west lagoon last summer. The city and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency negotiated an agreement which states the city will spend $125,000 each year to remove the material. The OEPA will help the city find alternative uses for the material.

MOUNT VERNON — Several weeks ago a reader asked about the status of the lime sludge removal from 1700 Old Delaware Road, the field adjacent to the water treatment plant.

The answer was delayed because the city and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency were negotiating an agreement following the city's appeal of an OEPA directive for removal.


This March 27, 2023, photo shows rainwater flowing out the release point down to the spillway. The lime material has solidified to the point where you can walk on it.


Heavy rain hitting solidified lime material traveled down the spillway to the catch basin at the entrance of the water treatment plant on Saturday, March 25, 2023. This photo, taken March 27, is looking east toward the plant.


To slow down water flow through the spillway and provide additional collection of lime material, city crews placed a sock filled with wood chips at the base of the release point.