Ohio Statehouse

The Ohio Statehouse is in downtown Columbus.

COLUMBUS – State Representative Rick Carfagna (R-Genoa Twp.) today announced the release of $425 million for businesses, non-profits, hospitals, institutions of higher educations and other entities across Ohio. 

Carfagna joined Governor DeWine, Speaker Cupp, President Obhof and other public officials in a virtual press conference today declaring Coronavirus relief fund allocations. Carfagna spoke to two grants during the press conference: $62 million for rural or critical access hospitals and $100 million for institutions of higher education.

“Today is an important day as we announce the release of $425 million for Coronavirus relief to various industries and entities in Ohio,” said Carfagna. “$62 million will be granted to hospitals either in rural or critical access peer groups. There are 70 rural and critical access hospitals across Ohio that have been working harder than ever on the front lines during the Coronavirus pandemic. They’re taking on serious responsibilities and tackling an extremely high volume of cases in a remarkable fashion.”

Carfagna noted that Knox Community Hospital is one of Ohio’s last independent hospitals and will be receiving $1,817,088.

“Additionally, higher education entities will be receiving $100 million in Coronavirus relief funds through this package," Carfagna said. "All entities of higher education across the state will benefit from this funding: public universities, independent not-for-profit, independent for-profits, community colleges and Ohio Technical Centers.”

Institutions of higher education within Carfagna’s district will receive the following:

· Knox Technical Center: $7,544

· Delaware Area Career Center – Adult Education: $2,245

· Kenyon College: $368,554

· Mt. Vernon Nazarene University: $397,435

· Central Ohio Technical College: $218,242

The Coronavirus relief fund package announced today will also include additional allocations for the following entities:

· $125 million for small business grants

· $55 million for rent/mortgage/utility assistance to be administered by the DSA through the Community Action Agencies

· $38 million for liquor permit rebates

· $25 million for non-profit unemployment

· $20 million for the arts ($15 million for the performing arts and $5 million for the cultural arts)

Speaker Bob Cupp (R-Lima) spoke to the package as well.

“The pandemic has impacted many aspects of our state and our daily lives. I am fully committed to safely and responsibly continuing to reopen our economy, and support jobs and Ohio families," Cupp said. "Our goal with this package is to help families, small businesses, hospitals and more as they continue to deal with the hardships of this pandemic.”

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