SR 13 construction

Construction began July 7 on State Route 13 in Mount Vernon. It is expected to continue until November.

MOUNT VERNON — The city has been busy this week working to relieve congestion and unwanted neighborhood traffic stemming from the road construction on North Sandusky Street.

Mayor Matt Starr said the focus is on prevention, mostly with getting commercial traffic where it needs to be.

“Our police department has been making commercial traffic stops before they reach the city limits and making them turn around. They're telling them they will get a ticket for $250 if they continue into the city,” Starr said. “We have issued some citations for motorists as well as commercial vehicles.”

The Ohio Department of Transportation added more signage since the project began on July 7. The city added a dead-end sign on Clarence Court to prevent turnarounds.

“The ODOT safety officer did re-examine the ODOT signage, and they are all placed as they should be,” Starr said. “There will be no changes to the signs. If we wanted to add more we could, but it would increase the cost.”

Starr said that it's the opinion of law enforcement that additional signs really would not make that much difference.

The city has loaned Clinton Township a few signs to help control and slow the traffic on township streets.

“On Buena Vista, the hedges were overgrown and blocking the sight line for oncoming traffic. Those hedges have been trimmed, so that has been corrected and is safer,” Starr said.

Starr said he understands the concerns of residents in the area.

“It is a stress and strain on that neighborhood because there's a lot of traffic,” he said. “The general motorist has every right to drive on city and township streets as long as they obey the laws. We're asking them to be courteous, slow down, drive safely, and remember they are near people's homes.”

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