Richard Dzik

Mount Vernon Safety-service Director Richard Dzik

MOUNT VERNON — A no-confidence resolution introduced Monday night at Mount Vernon City Council calls for the removal of Safety-service Director Richard Dzik.

The resolution, which received a first reading, states that a majority of council members have lost confidence in Dzik's ability to accurately and fairly perform his duties. It also states that a majority of council members feel that the relationship between council and Dzik appears irreconcilable.

“The Council of the City of Mount Vernon, Ohio hereby expresses its nonconfidence in the current City Safety-Service Director and recommends that the Mayor of Mount Vernon sever the relationship with Mr. Richard Dzik and pursue an alternative administrator in order to advance the interests of the City of Mount Vernon as a whole,” the resolution reads.

In May, Dzik served a two-week suspension without pay for changing the order in which council members voted. Council members alleged that he changed the order in order to influence the vote on two pieces of legislation: a contract to provide fire and EMS services to College Township and the creation of a community advocate position in the police department.

At the time, Council members Samantha Scoles and John Francis called on Mayor Matt Starr to terminate Dzik's employment. Council members Mike Hillier and Tammy Woods felt Dzik should resign. Councilwoman Janis Seavolt has said the trust has been broken. Council member Julia Warga has not publicly called for Dzik's resignation or termination, but agreed with the suspension.

The lone council member supporting Dzik was Councilman Tanner Salyers. Salyers has since resigned to take the position of Knox County Recorder. Amber Keener has replaced Salyers on council.

Salyers subsequently introduced legislation formalizing council's voting order. His proposal was to vote in order of ward, and then alphabetical for at-large council members.

Council on Monday voted down that legislation on its third reading.

No Confidence legislation Richard Dzik

Mount Vernon City Council introduced no-confidence legislation for Safety-service Director Richard Dzik at its June 28, 2021, meeting.

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