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Mount Vernon's Property Maintenance Appeals Board voted on March 14, 2023, to condemn and demolish the house at 621 N. Sandusky St. While it looks unassuming from the front, the structure has many problems and is unsafe and unlivable.

MOUNT VERNON — Members of the city's Property Maintenance Appeals Board voted to condemn three structures, recommending demolition for two.

Reconvening on February 8 after a two-year hiatus, the board recommended the condemnation and demolition of parcel 66-00320.001 on West Gambier St.

0 W. Gambier St.

The Property Maintenance Appeals Board for the City of Mount Vernon condemned this building on Feb. 8, 2023, and ordered it to be demolished. The storage facility sits just west of and leans over the Genessee & Wyoming railroad tracks on West Gambier Street. Railroad officials are concerned it will fall and take out power poles that serve the railroad.


The interior of the house at 621 N. Sandusky St. renders it unsafe and unlivable. 

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Vacant for several years, the house at 621 N. Sandusky St. has a collapsing roof, deteriorating eaves and gutters, a rear deck that has collapsed, and broken or missing windows. On March 14, 2023, the Property Maintenance Appeals Board ordered the structure condemned and demolished.