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Sept. 15

  • The complainant called and reported when her husband got home he noticed a vehicle by their barn. She stated he parked his truck and walked around back to the barn but the vehicle was gone. He went to check the barn and discovered someone had pushed the barn's back door open but nothing appeared to be missing. The complainant also advised a red Polaris Ranger that did not belong to them was left abandoned behind the barn. The Polaris Ranger was found to have been reported stolen. The owner was contacted and collected the vehicle.
  • A witness advised he saw a car drop off a male and female on the roadway then drive off. The couple then entered into a neighboring property and enter the woods. Deputies responded to the area and found the two individuals harvesting ginseng and other plants while trespassing. The ODNR was contacted and they responded to the scene. The male suspect, Robert Caldwell, is facing charges with the ODNR and drug charges out of the Knox County Sheriff's Office.

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