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Oct. 29

  • A complainant called the KCSO to report a suspicious vehicle near his residence. The complainant said he has seen this vehicle and it's driver at various times, stopped on the roadway with its hazard lights flashing. The complainant said he has seen various patrons stopping to aid the individual in the vehicle.. The complainant said he has spoke to several individuals who had stopped to aid the driver and they said they had given the driver fuel or money to assist him, sometimes on the same day. The complainant was able to obtain a license plate number and deputies made an attempt to contact the vehicle's owner but were unable to do so. A family member at the driver's residence advised deputies he would be advised to contact the KCSO as soon as possible to follow up. A report was completed for documentation.
  • A deputy was dispatched to a residence on Nelson Dr. in Mount Vernon. A representative from Behavior Healthcare Partners requested a welfare check for one of its patients. Once on the scene, the deputy determined the patient was in need of a mental health evaluation. While a Knox Community Hospital, one of the nurses found a small plastic bag on the patient. It was filled with a crystal-like substance and was turned over to the deputy.
  • The complainant came to the KCSO to turn in a broken, black phone they had found at Ariel-Foundation Park. The phone was placed into evidence for safekeeping.

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