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  • The complainant called the KCSO to report he believes his cell phone and laptop computer have been hacked by unknown person(s).
  • A complainant called the KCSO to report a resident at their facility was being physical and violent. The requested deputies to respond. When deputies arrived they completed a report for documentation and to be passed to the proper entities.
  • Deputies were dispatched to the Harcourt Motel for a suicidal individual who was hitting his head on the wall. Deputies responded and requested EMS personnel to respond. The individual was cleared medically and was determined not to be suicidal by EMS. He was provided resources for mental health assistance.
  • The victim/complainant called the KCSO to report she went into the Dollar General store in Centerburg. When she came out of the store she noticed her purse was missing from her front seat. She reported the vehicle had been left unlocked.
  • The victim/complainant called the KCSO to report she had received a call the previous evening from an unknown individual. This person told her a car had been found in Texas with drugs in it. He further stated the vehicle had been rented in her name and asked the complainant to verify her Social Security number. She gave it to him not realizing it was a scam. The complainant wanted a report to document the issue.

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