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May 13

  • The complainant reported being involved in a physical altercation with her fiance and the father of her children. The suspect, Matthew M. Endsley, was arrested and charged with domestic violence. A report was sent to Children's Service because children were present during the altercation.
  • A deputy was dispatched to a Coshocton Rd. residence on a report of a disturbance. Jason Earl Lumbatis was arrested and charged with assault - knowingly cause or attempt to cause physical harm to another or to another's unborn.

May 14

  • The complainant said a male on an ATV was shining spotlights on his house. The complainant also said the ATV left the area and headed toward Apple Valley Drive. Deputies located the AYV art the Town Center Parking lot. During the investigation, it was discovered the operator of the vehicle, Frederick Mickley, was intoxicated. Mickley was arrested for DUI and trans[ported to the Knox County Jail.
  • Elizabeth K. Mugrage was traveling west on Millersburg Rd when she encountered a cow standing in the roadway. Mugrage did not see the cow in time and struck it. The cow sustained fatal injuries from the impact.

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