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Jan. 12

  • A deputy was advised of a breaking and entering that occurred at the M&M mini-storage facility. The deputy responded and spoke with the complainant who was able to supply the deputy with some limited information about what items had been stolen.
  • A deputy spoke with the complainant at her residence. The complainant wanted to report someone trespassing in her yard which is marked.

Jan. 13

  • The complainant called and advised the victim was attempting to harm himself and when he tried to stop him, the victim jumped out the second-story window. Deputies attempted to located the victim but could not. The Ohio State Highway Patrol assisted with their helicopter and was able to guide deputies to the victim's location. The victim was taken to Knox Community Hospital for treatment and evaluation.
  • The complainant called the KCSO stating her daughter's ex-boyfriend had taken her vehicle without her permission.

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