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Feb. 2

  • A female reported a male was refusing to leave her residence and making threats to her. Deputies responded but the male left upon their arrival. A report was filed.
  • The complainant called and advised she received a call from her employer advising her someone had filed an unemployment claim with her information. The complainant advised she had not filed for unemployment nor had she given anyone permission to file for her.
  • The complainant stated the victim approached her and advised he had approximately $6,000 in cash taken from his safe in his room.
  • Brandon Allen Miller was backing westbound out of his driveway across Wooster and into a driveway across from his. He backed into Ellen C. Clark who was sitting in the opposite driveway.
  • The complainant advised two catalytic converters were stolen off of company vehicles over the weekend. A report was made. There are no suspects at this time.
  • The complainant advised someone had used his identity to file for unemployment benefits.

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