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Nov. 8

  • A deputy observed a black Honda parked on N. Acland St. in Gambier. The vehicle was blocking half of the two-way street making it impossible for two vehicles to pass on the road. It also made it difficult if an emergency vehicle tried to make the turn. The vehicle was impounded and towed from the scene.
  • A deputy was dispatched to the Kenyon College Campus Safety office on a report of found drug paraphernalia. The item was found at an undisclosed room on College Park St. The item was picked up and placed in the KCSO evidence room, tagged for destruction.
  • A warrant was issued for the arrest of Aaron Seavolt. Deputies responded to the residence of Seavolt's mother in an attempt to make contact with the suspect. Seavolt was not at his mother's residence. A description of the mother's vehicle was obtained and deputies patrolled the area searching for the vehicle. A traffic stop was made on the vehicle registered to Seavolt's mother at the Hardees on Coshocton Ave. Seavolt was found sitting in the passenger seat of the vehicle. Seavolt was arrested and taken to the Knox County Jail without incident.

Nov. 9

  • At 9:04 PM a deputy was monitoring traffic on Ohio 229 when he observed a vehicle traveling west at what appeared to be faster than the posted 50 MPH. The deputies used his mounted RADAR unit to verify the speed of the vehicle was 60 MPH. The driver, David L. McCoy, Jr. was stopped and cited for speed. It was also discovered the driver had an active warrant. McCoy was arrested on the warrant.

Nov. 10

  • Deputies were dispatched to the intersection of Granville Rd. and Airport Rd. on an injured deer. When the deputies arrived they located the deer and dispatched it with an office issued sidearm. The complainant collected the deer carcass and a carcass receipt was issued to the complainant.
  • An unknown vehicle failed to negotiate a curve in the road, crossed the center line and drove off the left side of the roadway. He then struck a mailbox on Danville-Amity Rd. The driver then left the scene. The owners of the mailbox did not see the crash and declined to write out statements.

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