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Nov. 18

  • The complainant reported on Nov. 16, 2019, at about 8:45 AM he was at the Dollar General store in Amity and 2 iPhones were stolen out of his vehicle while he was inside the store. He stated he usually had the phones with him but didn't notice they were gone until about an hour later. The complainant stated the only time the phones were out of his control was when he was at the Dollar General. He stated one of those phones was his work phone and belonged to his employer. A report was made and the suspect is unknown at this time.
  • Mark C. Crawford failed to place his vehicle in gear before he exited the vehicle after parking on Ridgeland Dr. in Howard. The unoccupied vehicle traveled east, across Ridgeland Dr. and struck a mailbox across the street. The vehicle then crossed Grasndway Ct. and came to rest in a yard on Ridgeland Dr. A BOLO was issued for Crawford who left the scene. He was charged with OVI and arrested.

Nov. 19

  • Koleton L. Strouse was traveling south on Old Mansfield Rd. when he swerved to miss a deer. Strouse went off the east side of the road striking a mailbox and flipping onto its top in the ditch. Strouse was cited for failure to control.
  • The complainant reported arriving home from work about 4:30 PM and discovering a large dent in his garage door. The door was also raised off the ground approximately 12 inches. A deputy responded to the complainant's residence and spoke with him. The complainant stated he had no idea how the damage occurred. He said the didn't seem to be anything missing from the house or the garage. The incident took place between 7:30 AM and 4:30 PM.

Nov. 20

  • Deputies were dispatched to the incident location in Centerburg for a possible domestic dispute. When the deputies arrived they investigated the complainant and arrested both parties. Paul A. Steele and Kristi Steele were arrested for domestic violence and assault.
  • Robert J. McFarland struck Barbara L. Sellman while both vehicles were backing up. The incident occurred on Pittsburgh Ave.
  • Damon C. Roberts was traveling northeast on Johnstown Rd. When he hit a deer standing in the roadway. His vehicle struck the deer in the right front side of the vehicle.

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