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May 16

  • Dispatch advised of an individual lurking around storage units on N. Sandusky St. The suspect, Scott P. Callaghan, was identified and found to have a warrant out of Delaware County. He was transported to the county line without incident and handed over to Delaware County authorities.
  • The complainant advised someone representing a credit card company deceived her into raising balances on two credit cards. A report was taken for a record.
  • A deputy was dispatched to the Kenyon College Safety Office on a report of found drugs. The drugs were seized and entered into evidence for destruction.
  • A victim called the KCSO to report a theft from a vehicle.
  • A deputy observed a van parked on Brooklyn St. in Gambier that was obstructing traffic. The deputy was unable to locate the owner of the van so it was towed to clear the traffic hazard.

May 17

  • Jonathan M. LaRue was arrested for two outstanding warrants. One was for failure to appear for pretrial for a charge of unauthorized use of a vehicle. The second warrant was for failure to appear for pretrial on a charge of operating a vehicle under the influence.

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