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June 5

  • The complainant called the KCSO to report he had found three drywall nails in his rear, driver's side tire. The complainant believes it happened on his way to work on either Danville-Amity Rd. or Gilchrist Rd. around 4:45. The complainant wanted the incident documented. Nothing further to report.
  • The complainant called to report a gas can was taken from the shed at the Grace Baptist Church. Information was collected for the report.
  • A deputy was advised of a domestic violence incident. He spoke with the parties involved and arrested Sabrina L. Wilson as a result.
  • A deputy was dispatched to Schenck Creek Rd. in Howard on a report of a residence being egged. He made contact with the complainant.

June 6

  • Jesse Sagle was arrested on an outstanding warrant issued by the Mount Vernon Municipal Court. Sagle was handcuffed and transported to the Knox County Jail.

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