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July 23

  • A vehicle owned by Jeanette Ann Cox was parked at a grass parking lot at the Knox County Fairgrounds An unknown driver either backed into or pulled into the rear of Cox's vehicle, causing damage to the rear bumper, bed and quarter panel areas.

July 24

  • The complainant stated someone had purchased some clothing with counterfeit currency at the Knox County Fair. The complainant said she discovered the counterfeit currency when she was counting her profit at the end of the night. A report was made to document the incident.
  • Officers made contact with Dean Barnett at the Harcourt Motel. Barnett was arrested for a probation violation per his probation officer.
  • Brittany Wheeler was located, arrested and transported to the Knox County Jail on a probationary holder per her probation officer.

July 25

  • Deputies arrested Isabella Stevens for an outstanding warrant issued by the Mount Vernon Municipal Court. He was transported to the Knox County Jail.
  • The complainant stated unknown persons cut the kill switch wires on both of his antique tractors while they were on display at the Knox County Fair.
  • The victim came to the KCSO Office on the Knox County Fairgrounds. She reported she was counting her money collected from sales on Wednesday when she discovered two counterfeit $20 bills. The money was taken as evidence.
  • The complainant came to the KCSO Office at the Knox County Fair and reported someone had taken a Minion costume from her employer's booth in the Merchant's Building.

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