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Dec. 6

  • The complainant reported an unknown suspect cut wires to a car battery and stole it. The suspect also took a piece of a vehicle exhaust system. The items were found in an alley close to his residence.
  • The complainant advised someone entered his vehicle and took a diamond engagement ring. He stated there appeared to be no forced entry to the vehicle but was certain it had been locked.
  • The complainant called the KCSO to report someone had entered his unlocked yard shed and removed a Stihl Chainsaw. The complainant was unable to produce a serial number for the item but would call it in later. Nothing follows.
  • The victim/complainant called the KCSO to report someone had stolen his Dodge truck from his friend's house in Martinsburg. He said the truck had been unlocked and the keys were under the floor mat. He said the truck had a 42 inch LED light bar mounted on the roof. There was also a toolbox in the bed of the truck but there were no tools in it. The complainant said he had not put license tags on the truck yet. He had to call in the truck's VIN later and the deputy was then able to make a LEADS entry as a stolen vehicle.
  • The complainant called the KCSO to report someone had entered his vehicle overnight and had caused damage to it.

Dec. 7

  • The complainant reported witnessing a vehicle swerving and a passenger of the vehicle throwing a beer bottle out the window. A traffic stop was conducted on the suspected vehicle. The driver was found to have drugs and drug paraphernalia. She was issued two summons and the parent of the vehicle's juvenile passengers picked up her children.

Dec. 8

  • Sheriff's deputies were dispatched to College Park St. in Gambier for a report of a disturbance. An intoxicated male student was causing trouble and being belligerent with Kenyon safety staff. The student, Robert E. Strunk, fled the scene when he saw deputies arrive. The deputies pursued Strunk on foot but were unable to find him. Charges were filed and two warrants were issued for Strunk's arrest. Deputies later met with Kenyon College Safety and went to Strunk's dorm room. They did not locate Strunk but spoke with his fraternity brothers and told them it was in Strunk's best interest to turn himself in. At approximately 11:11, Strunk went to the Safety Office. He was arrested and taken to the Knox County Jail where he was turned over to jail staff. He was charged with obstruction of official business and disorderly conduct.

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