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Dec. 20

  • The complainant reported someone stole a speaker box from her truck while it was parked in her driveway. She requested the incident be documented.
  • Judy K. Moore was attempting to back out of a driveway on the east side of Upper Fredericktown Rd. She backed into a ditch near the driveway.

Dec. 21

  • The complainant contacted the KCSO to file a complaint about someone driving through her yard. There is no known suspect at this time. A report was made to document the incident.
  • A deputy was dispatched to the Kenyon College Campus Safety Office for found drug paraphernalia. The items were taken, placed into evidence and marked for destruction.
  • The complainant advised his four-wheeler was stolen from his porch on 12-20-19 during the early morning hours. A report was taken on the complainant's behalf.
  • Patrick McClary was traveling west on Columbus Rd. near Centerburg and swerved to miss a deer. He went off the road and struck a mailbox. He continued west through a yard and struck a property marker fence post and a telephone pole.McClary was cited for failure to control.

Dec. 22

  • Brian Moody was attempting to back out of a driveway on Snowden Ave. The vehicle's brakes failed and he went through the yard and struck a mailbox post.
  • Deputies were dispatched to a residence on Keck Rd. for a domestic disturbance. A statement and photographs were collected from the victim. Roger Brown was charged with domestic violence and assault.

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