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Aug. 27

  • The complainant called to advise of an act of vandalism. The complainant said sometime during the past two weeks, someone threw a rock through a window at their residence.

Aug. 28

  • The complainant called the KCSO and advised she and the victim were assaulted by Courtney Stoutenburg. Both victims advised Stoutenburg had been following them around for a while so they came to the KCSO. When they parked at the KCSO. Stoutenburg, who had followed them, jumped out of her car and attacked the victims. Stoutenburg was arrested for assault and domestic violence.
  • The complainant called the KCSO to report an injured deer along the side of Vernonview Dr. Deputies responded to the area and located the injured deer. The deer was dispatched by the deputy with his department issued side arm.
  • Deputies were dispatched to Zanesville St. in Martinsburg on a report of a stolen vehicle. The complainant said her Yamaha 660 ATV was stolen from a friend's residence on Monday 8/26/19. Deputies collected statements from the vehicle owner and a witness. A picture and description of the vehicle were given to deputies.
  • The complainant advised dispatch an unknown individual claiming to be from the Social Security Office told the complainant she needed to buy $5,000 worth of gift cards and then send the pictures to a phone number they provided. The complainant did so but was then advised by a Walmart employee there was a similar scam being perpetrated. Deputies advised the complainant a report would be made documenting the names and phone numbers she was given. The detective division of the KCSO would also be notified about the incident.
  • The complainant advised an unknown person had broken into his camper during the period of Aug. 26 through Aug. 28, 2019 at 9:02 AM. The complainant reported two televisions and a Direct TV receiver were taken.
  • The complainant advised someone had taken the front door off the building at the Howard Youth League's concession stand and had taken items. Photographs were taken, a witness statement collected and a report was made.

Aug. 29

  • Deputies were dispatched to a residence on Columbus Rd. for an active domestic situation. Deputies spoke with both involved parties at separate locations. Leo D. Bailey was arrested for domestic violence and aggravated menacing.

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