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Aug. 8

  • A caller reported her social media was hacked. Subsequently she started getting threatening text messages. The caller was advised to block the individual making the threats and the incident would be documented.
  • The complainant called to report someone had been using his credit card and withdrew money from another bank. The complainant needed a report for the banks involved.
  • A deputy was advised of an incident of domestic violence in Utica. He spoke to both parties and Aaron J. Gantt was arrested.
  • The complainant called and filed a report in regards to 10 street signs that had been damaged in the area of Clay Twp. A report was taken on the complainant's behalf.
  • The complainant called to report someone had removed three hand-held leaf blowers from a storage area near his apartment. The incident occurred between 2130 hours on 8/7/2019 and 0630 hours on 8/8/20219.

Aug. 9

  • The suspects were located on the property of Lamb's Park. After an investigation deputies located alcohol and marijuana in the suspect's vehicle. The vehicle owner admitted the items were his and he was issued a citation for possession of marijuana.

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