Fredericktown Law Graphic


Nov. 7

  • Civil matter on Columbus Road.

Nov. 8

  • Welfare check on North Main Street.
  • Fraud complaint on South Main Street.
  • Suspicious person on Summit Drive.
  • Animal related complaint on Boyd Street.
  • Drug related complaint on East Sandusky Street.
  • Suspicious vehicle on South Main Street.

Nov. 9

  • Traffic complaint on West Sandusky Street.
  • Vehicle unlock on West First Street.
  • Commercial alarm on Mount Vernon Avenue.
  • Disabled vehicle on State Route 13.

Nov. 10

  • Parking complaint on Taylor Street.
  • Theft report on Mermary Drive.
  • Welfare check on Stadium Drive.
  • Commercial alarm on North Main Street.
  • Commercial alarm on Village Parkway.
  • Bryce L. Ketter, Butler, citation for expired registration.

Nov. 11

  • 911 misuse on West College Street.
  • Fraud complaint on Struble Circle.
  • Welfare check on West Sandusky Street.

Nov. 12

  • Odor investigation on South Main Street.
  • Assault on East College Street.
  • Non-injury crash on Posey Drive.
  • Civil matter on South Main Street.
  • Civil matter on Salem Avenue.
  • Assisted the Knox County Sheriff’s Office on Hilltop Drive.
  • Noah A. Trimble, Fredericktown, was arrested on Assault.

Nov. 13

  • Civil matter on East Fourth Street.
  • Welfare check on West Sandusky Street.

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