Fredericktown Law Graphic


Feb. 4

  • Disturbance on Mount Vernon Avenue.
  • Assisted Knox County Sheriff’s Office on Zolman Road.
  • Found property on East College Street.
  • Suspicious person State Route 13.
  • Stephen Kaufman, Mt. Vernon, cited for speed.

Feb. 5

  • Suspicious vehicle on Salem Avenue.
  • Assisted Fredericktown EMS on Stadium Drive.
  • Assisted KCSO on Zolman Road.
  • Disturbance on Posey Drive.
  • Disturbance on High Street.

Feb. 6

  • Telephone Harassment complaint on Salem Avenue.
  • Assisted Fredericktown EMS on Sandusky Street.
  • Patty Groseclose-Kuntz, Howard, cited for speed

Feb. 7

  • Information Report taken on Salem Avenue.
  • Disabled Vehicle on State Route 13.
  • Traffic complaint on Montgomery Road.
  • Clarissa D. Webb, Marengo, cited for speed
  • Daniel Frank, Middleburg Heights, cited for speed.

Feb. 8

  • Noelle Straub, Howard, cited for speed.
  • Beth Levine, Fredericktown, cited for speed.

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