Fredericktown Law Graphic


Dec. 8

  • Prowler complaint on North Main Street.
  • April L. Simpson, Newark, citation for speed.
  • Lindsey D. Springston, Fredericktown, citation for speed.

Dec. 9

  • Nothing to report.

Dec. 10

  • Mental health related complaint on Salem Avenue.
  • Harassment complaint on Colony Drive.
  • Assisted the Fredericktown EMS on Stadium Drive.
  • Assisted the Ohio State Highway Patrol on State Route 13.
  • Assisted the Fredericktown EMS on Mount Vernon Avenue.
  • Vehicle unlock on South Main Street.

Dec. 11

  • Trespassing complaint on Salem Road.
  • Parking complaint on West Sandusky Street.
  • Vehicle unlock on Columbus Road.
  • Animal related complaint on Tuttle Avenue.
  • Parking complaint on North Main Street.
  • Mason D. Gose, Fredericktown, citation for speed.
  • Janet L. Lifer, Fredericktown, citation for expired registration.

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