Fredericktown Law Graphic


April 18

  • Residential alarm on South Main Street.
  • Found property (driver’s license) on Taylor Street.
  • Disturbance on West Mound Street.
  • Disturbance on Colony Drive.
  • Brandon T. Carson, Lexington, citation for speed.

April 19

  • Nothing to report.

April 20

  • Found property on Stadium Drive.
  • Disturbance on Colony Drive.
  • Disturbance on McGough Drive.
  • Commercial alarm on East Sandusky Street.
  • Disturbance on Stadium Drive.
  • Vandalism complaint on Malibu Circle.
  • Disturbance on Cassell Road.
  • James M. Herder, Mansfield, citation or speed.

April 21

  • Mental health complaint on Columbus Road.
  • Disturbance on Cassell Road.

April 22

  • Welfare check on Colony Drive.
  • Civil matter on Montgomery Road.
  • Juvenile related complaint on Malibu Circle.
  • Traffic complaint on West Sandusky Street.
  • Charles J. Riffe, Mansfield, citation for speed.

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