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MOUNT VERNON -- The Knox County Sheriff’s Office is seeking to make contact with 12 people during its scheduled compliance check of all sex offenders residing in the county.

Knox County Sheriff David Shaffer said deputies began conducting the compliance checks on March 18, and are in the process of confirming all offenders who are complying with their residential and court-ordered requirements.

Contact has been made with 81 of the 93 registered offenders. Officers are continuing to follow up and contact the remaining 12 people.

Assistance on this effort has been provided by the Mount Vernon Police Department, and the Ohio State Parole Authority. Shaffer said contact was also made and information verified with six additional registered offenders that work in Knox County, but reside and register in another county.

In addition to the scheduled checks, deputies perform follow-up investigations whenever information is received that a registered offender may be out of compliance. Citizens are able to sign up for free email alerts as well as search for offenders by checking the office website at

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