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Sept. 15

  • A deputy spoke by phone with the complainant who wanted to report a theft. The complainant said his storage shed at the incident location had been entered and items had been removed.
  • The complainant called to report a theft from a vehicle. She said her vehicle had been entered at the incident location and her wallet had been taken.
  • A deputy was dispatched to the Mohican Campground Reservation on a report of several thefts from vehicles. The deputy spoke with one of the complainants who advised his work vehicle had been broken into by breaking the passenger side window.. He said several tools had been taken.
  • A deputy spoke with the wife of a complainant at the Mohican Reservation Campground. The complainant had left the campground prior to the deputy's arrival. The deputy was given a list of items taken from the victim's work van, including several tools and key sets.
  • The deputy made contact with another complainant at the Mohican Reservation Campground. The complainant advised he had items taken from his vehicle including an iPhoine8, a bag with flashlight and charger and a bottle of trazadone. The complainant said his vehicle had been locked and the was no evidence of a forced entry.

Sept. 17

  • The complainants called the KCSO and advised that the suspects were trespassing at the incident location. Deputies responded and found the suspects digging through the4 dumpster on the property. Contact was made with a key holder and they advised they didn't want charges filed. But they did want the suspects banned from the property.
  • A suspicious vehicle was reported at Honey Run Highlands park. A deputy made contact with two individuals and one of them, Tracy Davis, was identified and arrested for a warrant out of the Knox County Common Pleas Court. Davis was transported to the Knox County Jail.

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