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Sept. 27

  • Ashlyn Jade Gerhart was driving on Granville Rd. when she had to swerve to avoid hitting a deer. Gerhart left the roadway, coming to rest in a ditch. She was cited for failure to control.

Sept. 28

  • A deputy observed a black Toyota parked on N. Ackland St. in Gambier. The vehicle was blocking half of the two-way street making it impossible for two vehicles to pass on the road. It would also make it difficult for emergency vehicles to make the turn in the road. The vehicle was impounded for blocking the roadway and towed from the scene.
  • The complainant reported she had some items stolen from her garage while she was in the hospital earlier this month. She said she wanted a report on file.

Sept. 29

  • Hai Van Luong was traveling west on Clutter Rd. when he attempted to negotiate a curve and lost control of his vehicle. This caused the rear end of the vehicle fishtail. Luong hit the ditch on the north side of the roadway with the vehicle coming to rest on the driver's side. Luong was cited for failure to control.
  • Deputies were dispatched to a N. Sandusky St. business. The complainant reported the suspect was in the store and attempting to steal merchandise. The suspect was located and issued a summons for petty theft.
  • Centerburg Pointe called the KCSO to report an intoxicated resident was being disruptive with the other residents at the facility and being abusive to the staff. Deputies arrived on the scene and identified the intoxicated resident as Charles E. Palmateer, III. He was arrested without incident for disorderly conduct.

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