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Oct. 10

  • The complainant reported someone had cut a hole in his shrub line which is 20 feet tall. He stated he wanted the incident documented.
  • The complainant reported the business had accepted two payroll checks that were returned by the bank. The bank reported they were fraudulent. A report was made.
  • The complainant reported someone had vandalized her vehicle and her boyfriend's work truck. Witness statements were collected and photographs were taken of the damage. A report was made.

Oct. 11

  • The complainant reported one of his flower pots was struck by a bullet.
  • Chelsea Joseph was located and arrested on a warrant out of Mount Vernon Municipal Court. She was then transported to the Knox County Jail where she was released to jail staff.
  • Malcolm Hunter was found walking along Greenwood Ave. near Burgess St. Hunter was placed under arrest on a warrant out of Franklin Country for parole violation He was transported to the Knox County Jail without incident.

Oct. 12

  • Deputies were dispatched to a residence on Lock Road in Centerburg. They made contact with an individual who stated he was just physically assaulted by his girlfriend on Landrum Road. Deputies got a written statement from the victim, took photographs of his injuries and have a temporary protection order. Deputies then went to Landrum Road and made contact with the girlfriend, Samantha R. Webb and placed her under arrest for domestic violence and assault. Webb was transported to the Knox County Jail and released to jail staff.
  • A deputy observed a silver Mercedes Benz parked on W. Brooklyn at Ward St. in Gambier. The vehicle was blocking half of the two-way street and blocking the view of the stop sign. The vehicle was impounded for blocking the roadway.
  • A deputy was dispatched to Sycamore Rd,in Centerburg. The complainant said that some time during the overnight hours someone pulled their mailbox off its post. A report was filed to document the incident.

Oct. 13

  • A deputy was advised of a disturbance at the incident location on Old Mansfield road. The suspect, Andrew M. Suain, was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

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